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Did you get the memo about Karma The Game of Destiny?

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was normal to interact closer than 6 feet apart and unheard of to be expected to wear a mask anywhere you went. As we adjust to our “new normal” and socially distanced world, users are turning to Karma The Game of Destiny, the platform that uses AR and VR technologies to bring social and entertainment back to life. Previously compared to PokemonGo, Karma is an online and mobile dating and social game, users can go out and meet people based on values, compatibility and intimate preferences.

Founders Robert Porter and Rene Reyes met at a renewable energy startup in 2015 and created Karma The Game of Destiny as a way to create an entertaining space for social connection, while giving privacy and control to the participating players. The model is based on a non-membership, non-subscription, low cost, high value cash model achieved through tokenization, similar to PokemonGo. The platforms most similar to Karma are the premium dating apps including Bumble and Tinder, however, they do not have the same entertainment aspect that Karma does.

Karma is in the midst of seeking new talent and acquiring new resources by focusing on strategic partnerships. Karma is planning on 60-90 days to launch and a six month timeline to a critical mass based on current social media marketing campaigns. We are confident this will only grow the more traction we gain. Karma The Game of Destiny is continuing to raise funds and seek active partnerships, pre-seed and seed funding for an imminent global rollout.

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