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Karma the Game of Destiny and 1520 Records to Host a Live Music and Pre-Drop NFT Auction Event at Yo

YONKERS, N.Y., June 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The event will feature Music & Metaverse Video collaborations with Karma the Game of Destiny while playing music from the Game’s Soundtrack now available on all streaming platforms. Just search Karma the Game of Destiny.

Live performances at Yonkers Brewery by: Anthony Flammia @FLAMM, – DK Rosarii (Dèborah Kvam) @DROSARII, and Lu Castro @WHYNOTCASTRO

What Door will you pick? Music/Video NFTs NFTs based on Game Characters

KGD will debut "Immersive Alien Worlds" shown via Projection and VR Headsets at the event.

The beer is on KGD and Yonkers Brewery for everyone who registers on the platform.

Karma the Game of Destiny is the leader in the Inter-Reality platform space.

  • KGD has built a platform that transcends the Metaverse.

  • 8 VR Metaverse worlds and a mobile app for gamified classified advertising with amazing content and functions like:

  • instant astrology compatibility,

  • truth or bomb, (when you don’t know what to say)

  • hide and zap, (for creepy and inappropriate or rude participants)

  • a real world adult game show,

  • a web-app for Ambassadors to earn income.

  • Ambassadors have 11 level ups for increased earnings while building their audiences

Atari described it as a "Mind Bending Experience." KGD is a futuristic platform that is poised to rock the social scene.

Their 11,000 first run NFTs will be collector items that can pass from generation to generation through blockchain ownership. And unlike many NFTs these are connected to an entire functional entertainment world and an evolutionary change to the Internet.

The Auction will be for the Music and Video NFTs being shown at the Event.

"The Collective Worlds are not going to know what hit them," said Rene Reyes, Founder, "it’s like the Metaverse & Internet meets The Hunger Games©. It’s way more than VR and AR/3D for mobile. It’s an overlay and a revolving door between reality and digital reality both mobile and VR and creating real value for adults by augmenting and integrating social living; It’s a multi-interface, hardware agnostic immersive app where the entire world can become the platform’s playground and stage. People will be participating in live streams all over the world, connected through this new digital Inter-Reality."

For more information call 855-257-8464 or visit or

Media Contact Karma the Game of Destiny 855-257-8464

SOURCE Karma the Game of Destiny


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