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Brand Ambassador

Make an AVG of $0.60 per month per
player plus 35% commercial listings
after 100 players... $$$

Give out "Invitation" cards or your code to your friends in your social time


everyone that enters your code and registers becomes your audience even if they leave the game and come back a year or two later.  that means if they buy 3 life tokens for $3.99 you make $0.60 every month they play...  100 players $60, 1000 players $600!!! plus you'll be playing to level up and make more and more money.  At 100 players you level up to Super Ambassador and get 35% of commercial listings that you source and manage through the APP. The IDEAS you post to the GAME. All venue based, all fun, all you!  Extra money on the side just for hanging out and having fun isn't bad.

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