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Karma the Game of Destiny is not currently a blockchain game.  Our NFTs are collectables but will have power when we offer the blockchain version of the game.  The difference will be NFT creation of game experiences of the avatar and crypto mining of our KGZ Token on the Binance Blockchain.

Welcome to KGD's NFT Catalog

KGD - The VR Girl Collection.png
Marchello Green Collection.png
The Fred Collection.png
The Antyul Hive Collection.png
The Ginger Collection.png
The Guru Original Collection.png
The Gwen Collection.png
Bridget UR1 Collection.png
The Flamm Collection.png
The Androgyny Pandemia Collection.png

I am the Gumba.  I can guide you.

90 items


Marchello's Gate

Access the hive mind of the Greys.


Marchello and his family are ancient. For thousands of years, they have watched, helped, and interacted with humanity. Now they reveal themselves. Are you brave enough to see the humor and cold compassion of the Angels?

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