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The App is HERE!!!  The waiting is over... yes it will get better but we are going to kill it with the fun that is in store...  fun.


Announcing Karma the Game of Destiny, a novel new social dating game. Karma aims to breakaway from the superficiality of online dating interactions. Instead, users are encouraged to forge meaningful connections on the path to their soulmates. Unlike popular dating apps like Tinder and Grindr, Karma is all about building genuine relationships. Users who are inclined to engaging in naughty behavior run the risk of being ZAPPED! out of the game by fellow players or they can instead find players who are also naughty.


The Game


In the game users begin their journey by selecting an avatar that best expresses their personality. Next the Karma Guru (the Game's Artificial Intelligence) presents three different paths. Users choose between values, compatibility or intimate preferences as their primary interest. From this point players may opt to enter directly into game with their avatars or they can fill out their Journey Book to narrow their search to other players most likely to be a soulmate. In the JourneyBook daters can customize over 350 different characteristics regarding their dating preferences and interests. The game always challenges you to define who you are, to know yourself and to be as honest as you can be!


Players get to PLAY potential soul mates through TRUTH BOMB questions, ASTROLOGY matches, game CHALLENGES and MUSIC sharing as well as INTRODUCTIONS, CHATTING and GOING OUT TO HAVE FUN.


When daters feel players aren't representing themselves truthfully, they can ZAP them away. Not to fear however, although naughty players maybe ZAPPED out of the game, those who are willing can purchase additional lives to get admitted back into the game and may continue on the search for their match with a different avatar (A New Life, A New Chance)


Players can remain anonymous by keeping their photos, videos and other personal information locked or they may decide to open their safe to a potential soulmate. Players ultimately win in Karma when they have found their soulmate, transforming their online connection into an offline relationship.



Karma will enter the market with app Beta. The app is free to download and there are 3 free lives for 30 days available to new players. After that users can buy:


one life for $1.99

three lives for $3.99

six lives for $6.99

nine lives for $9.99


Life purchases last up to 30 days, but your avatar can last for as long as you renew and you can renew at any life package that you'd like. The game is fully functional no matter how many lives are purchased, but if all the lives are lost before the 30 days the avatar cannot be renewed and the player has to start all over again.

1000s of Things to do AROUND THE WORLD!!!
2M or more players in 1 year
25M players in 5 years or less
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