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What Is It?

A new kind of social eco platform to meet likeminded individuals for activities "In the Real" as well as journeys "Into the Digital”.

Karma the Game of Destiny is immersive entertainment.  It is a world of portals.  


Built as a social-eco platform that creates doorways to the experiences you crave.  It is disguised as an app game / televised Game Show.  


Enter the game through Values, Compatibility or Intimate Preferences, as you yourself, get lost in a world of Immersive Experiences played throughout the world stage.  


AR/VR and "Real" Venues, Events and Travel intertwine with Real & Virtual Dates and Media experiences like concerts and movies.


You will share seamlessly with other players on a new level of social platform that chats, shares and manages your social and group calendars. The game keeps your pictures and videos in a "Safe", to share at the touch of a button.


The host of the show, a Sudo AI called the Guru, challenges you to engage other players while he also warns you of scams and actively guards against haters and creeps....and when you're ready, one of his counterparts the Sudo AI called Alter, takes you on animated journey through the solar system and reads and teaches you about your astrology and birth-chart. 


Karma the Game of Destiny

Play the Game.

The Mission:

Make tomorrow's sci-fi fantasy of digital / reality immersion, a living breathing and entertaining experience now.... 

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