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Privacy Policy

Karma the Game of Destiny is a Game and NOT a subscription site nor is it membership based.


Karma the Game of Destiny is more an Arcade Style Vending Machine.  You buy tokens to play. Karma does not share ANY information with any third party. Your Profile and its actions are at your discretion.  


IF you are ELIMINATED or DESTROY your own Profile, all email, chat history and photos are deleted. The Profile cannot be renewed.  YOUR email address, however, is being used to maintain ownership of your WALLET and your TOKENS.  This means you can use your tokens to build new profiles to play the game again at anytime; even if time passes by your tokens retain the value to enter the game and purchase profile lives.

Once you have played with us, your email address stays with us, and we will invite you periodically to play Karma the Game of Destiny, Inc. or try other AlquimiSoft Media & Entertainment, Inc. products and send you our newsletters.  Furthermore your token payment information is connected via the APP STORES.  We DO NOT collect credit card or any financial information.  That remains with the APP Stores, PayPal, Atari and BitPAY.  All Rights Reserved.


You may at any time, unsubscribe from all news, invites and challenges and we will remove your name from our subscription mailing list.  Please use our contact form to let us know.

As of Version 1, we do not encrypt email, chat or pictures.  And the system is actively looking for violations of local laws, so do not participate or use the platform for illegal activity.   The content you post can be used against you.  Karma the Game of Destiny is designed for safety and entertainment and not a dark web or platform for illicit activity.  Doing so is a violation of our Rules and subject to ejection and/or prosecution.  

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