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Karma the Game 

KGD Launches a Platform at the Intersection of Mobile, Meta, Blockchain, and Real World Entertainment for Adults



The World's 1st Inter-Reality Lifestyle Magazine
Manage your social calendar and find the people 
and opportunities that make your life fun

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Advanced AI

Mobile & Metaverse

Metaverse HQ

Enter Here 

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Visit our Metaverse for 3D Immersive Content.  Play. Party. Meet your friends.  Use your Ready Player Me Avatar (Optional)
Desktop.  No VR Headset needed.


Big fan big fan 🙌🏾
I played the demo of your game and i just couldn’t wait until you launch it bruh. Like I really think it’s going to bypass most of the metaverse platforms. Like I am invested in it, real talk 💯
I don’t think you realise how amazing I find this. I truly think you are gifted. I will practice astral projection and this time I will travel around and explore. Thank you man. 🙏🏾🙏🏾


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Karma the Game of Destiny, Inc., is a media and entertainment company. Karma the Game is built as an Inter-Reality Platform for dissemination within the scope of Real Life / Internet / Immersive Experience. It permeates the digital boundaries to overlay these multiple REALITIES with a cohesive and directed flow of information and entertainment with a view toward SOCIAL LIVING and COMMUNITY.

We consider it a Social Living Immersive Magazine with an arcade or curated circus or carnival traits. 

Income and Revenue are through advertising and vertical markets. The Gamified Classifieds and Listings are low-cost personal and small business-centric, and portals are mid and large commercial points of entry directly to the affiliate and designed for a 20% split fee basis, but individual affiliate relationships will undoubtedly vary with markets and scale.

Entry to the market is driven by "DESTINY", the GAMIFIED CLASSIFIEDS, and LISTINGS (back of the publication). Karma the Game – DESTINY is currently available in Beta as a 3D/AR Mobile App on the Google PlayStore© and the Apple AppStore©.  

The rest of the KGD PLATFORM is being released within the scope of the entire VR Platform described in the following paragraphs. All of the other sections are different areas of the Social Living Immersive Platform. A place to meet for networking, relationships, and business, a casino, an adventure, a gallery, a dance party, and a story. Destiny, Casino, Space Run, Gallery, 4Play, and Sanctuary are the main hubs, and each is a scene. The platform currently has 25 scenes. Some are transition scenes, and some are secret backrooms, others are music listening rooms, and there are also the scenes that make up the Library system and, of course, the Open Scene and Main Menu space. Most of the hubs are VR Chat spaces, and in some, you will enjoy them alone.

Furthermore, DESTINY is the basis for the WEB 3.1 (3.0 + .1) reality Game Show and RULES structure. Curated by Ambassadors who are co-hosts, their interdependent App is a POS that is being released in conjunction with the Beta posting system that allows them to meet with players to award prizes and do promotions at venues and events. This is a NEXT LEVEL FUTURISTIC IMMERSIVE CONTENT DELIVERY SYSTEM and is one of the Platform's PILLARS, ultimately differentiating it from any other Metaverse product or Web 3.0 system.

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