White Paper

Jan. 2022

Introduction - Inter-Reality (A Basis for Web 4.0)

There are a number of business models and methodologies employed in the architecture of the platform.  The platform itself is a machine with different parts interconnected through what we term "Inter-Reality Play" which happens in Inter-Reality Space. 


Let's assume, meta-physics aside that your substantial reality where you eat, sleep and can physically touch another person is your corporeal form and in it you are self aware. You understand the difference between life and death.  Let's call this place "Reality 1".  


Being a contemporary reader we will assume you know what a modern day phone looks like and understand that video conferencing is normal. So while this may seem like Reality 1 it's actually "Reality 2".  All of it.  Television, Phones, Email and Texting. All of the Utility that allows people to not have to make smoke signal or shout really loud from mountain to mountain to send a message. We communicate over vast distance and can share tears and laughter through space and time.  We take this reality for granted but it is essential for functioning in the modern age.  It is a Digital Reality

Now with this same phone is another function that measures it's surroundings and integrates 3D images into your "Reality 1" creating a "Reality 3" known as Augmented Reality.  It is the overlay of a Digital Reality combined with Reality 1 surfaces which create this combined set of Realities. I can see a new building in an empty lot or Bugs Bunny walking down my street or in my living room. 

And if you're really savvy and have your eyes on the future you're aware of a "Reality 4" called Virtual Reality an experience full of visual and perspective immersion.  And opportunistically, this also goes deeper into trade and commerce and most of all, expression and art; in new and with almost limitless locations imagined from the minds of creators and developers and story tellers, as well as musicians and artists and pioneers will explode in these new forms of expression. 


So there is another inevitable merging of Realities and that is Reality 2 with Reality 3 and Reality 4. Because the data and fluidity of the experience matters humanity will continuously find opportunity to not only express themselves but combine the aspects of the different reality like teleconferencing, telecommunicating and diversions.

The information now moves between multiple Realities as does the entertainment. We are building in the 5th Reality.

As we move through these early years of the 21st Century we see enormous progress in technology, the advent of blockchain and digital currencies, issues of privacy, regulations, fraud and digital theft of information and content and even identities.  


The Product - An Inter-Reality Social Living Magazine (A Platform for Content Driven Entertainment - Not your grandpa's Metaverse)

The founders of Karma the Game of Destiny, Inc. propose to not only build a platform for entertainment and communications across the Realities but to also create a mechanism to allow the users of the platform a better quality of life that is not predicated on wearing VR Goggles 12 hours a day in a MetaVerse but by building a digital overlay through multiple interfaces that has persistent connections to a player's wallet and history and memories across mobile and VR devices (more on memories, NFTs and Privacy further down).


Karma the Game - Destiny, is gamified classified advertising.  It is a method to allow for the filtering of like minded or similar agenda for meeting and the game's algorithms are helping work towards getting the player to the best matches from among all the players who "POST" their Avatars to "The Grid".  On the Grid are also LISTINGS of VENUES and EVENTS both in Reality 1 as well as Reality 4 and Entertainment happening in the not yet discussed "Reality 5".


Before discussing "Reality 5" we will discuss an Alt Player in the Platform, who rather than looking for matches with other players and venues or events to participate in, is building an "Audience" in the platform and for themselves across their own social platforms.  The Ambassador makes residual income from all of the players wo have registered with the Ambassador's code.


The Ambassador's are "Playing" to make more and more income through various streams by building through challenges that level up the Ambassador to new titles, powers and higher rates of commissions as "Independent Ad Sales Representatives".  There are currently 11 levels and at the highest levels there is power to affect the game's data and culture over time. These level ups are minted on the blockchain. 

The Ambassador's have a separate App/Interface into the platform and post Venues and Events as well as curate live promotions with players who have "OPTED IN" to the "GAME SHOW".  When a player/Avatar engages another through the many mechanisms like chat or Astrology Compatibility or Truth or Bomb all of that data is stored on the Token as Private information (More on Tokens and memories and NFTs further down).  However when one player uses the "OUTING" invite form to "PICK" a Venue and the receiver uses the form to accept the the players DATE, TIME and LOCATION becomes available to the Ambassadors the same way an Uber Driver becomes aware of the Rider's request for a ride.  The Ambassador's can then contact the players to confirm and meet them at the Venue to video the encounter and promote it on the Games Channels for Ambassadors and their own social platforms. Opt-Ins will be minted on the blockchain.  Player Avatars Lives are minted monthly to return to the Player as NFT 30 Days "Life in the Game" Comic books.

Ambassadors start the game with 1000 lives, meaning that if they post something inappropriate and 1000 individuals "ZAP" the posting then the Ambassador is terminated and can never work for the franchise again. No one can Zap you more than once.  Once a player zaps a LISTING then the they can't see any posting by that Ambassador again. Players can opt to HIDE from a Listing and it works the same but without costing a life of the Ambassador.  Players who put Listings into their BUCKETLIST bolster an Ambassador's Rank and Title and therefore add lives to the Ambassador making them resistant to attacks and Zaps later.  Once would assume the Ambassador to be a voice for their audiences.  And as Groups and Hyper Groups are formed they create WORLDS within.

You can enter the Karma the Game - Platform, via other areas of the DOMAIN such as

Karma the Game - Space Run,

Karma the Game - Casino,

Karma the Game - Stadium,

Karma the Game - 4Play,

Karma the Game - Gallery, and

Karma the Game - Destiny.

Bearing in mind the Magazine aspect the Apps above and the combined Karma the Game - VR Worlds on VR Platforms we have also released the Original Soundtrack available and we are producing episodic adventures staring our Protagonists and In-Game Digital Sudo AI to tell a story of the Inter-Reality and act out that story plot over 20 to 50 years while the adventures also transpire for the Real-Life Reality 1 Contestants who use their mortal avatars to have fun and meet like minded friends, lovers and find business opportunities via the game's powerful gamified classifieds.  


The Game and the Rules - Digital Space Behavior Modification

When you have a GAME you have an adventure, a quest or challenge and invariably RULES. While there are many kind of games and games within games, Karma the Game is a Social Networking and Entertainment Platform It can be a destination like reading a magazine to look at the classifieds or places to go and things to do or participate and explore the open VR Chat spaces or go through the many portals whether they go to another Karma the Game World or an AFFILIATE'S World where we become a passthrough.  This is seen on a large scale in the CASINO.  Each Machine will bring you to an outside Online or VR Casino including Atari's Directly, or HardRock and Bellagio through Interactive Games.  While you are not POSTING in DESTINY you can venture all of the other worlds and talk to any other Avatar through your Avatar but if some want to know about you and you are both POSTING on THE GRID you'll be able to see pictures and video from their SAFES or read the JOURNEYBOOK VALUES and COMPATIBILTY or even the INTIMATE PREFERENCES with PERMISSION.

DESTINY allows a player to filter their interactions and deal with unwanted behaviors as well as bring a CONTESTANT out INTO THE REAL with REALITY 1 outcomes either privately or publicly through OPT-IN to the GAME SHOW.  All of the other WORLDS are open and if players who are posted in DESTINY are in the other worlds and come across other they can SHARE and PLAY and SEE all of the META DATA that is open to be share with someone but other will not be able to see it.

There are RULES for the PLAYERS/AVATARS and for the AMBASSADORS.  There are opportunities to do BUSINESS through the PLATFORM and using the PLATFORM like a magazine to promote Venues and SOCIAL centric opportunities to create community and many kinds of relationships.

The Game also has rules to prevent misuse and abuse of the platform.  The game is running algorithms to detect fraud and human trafficking.  Furthermore the HOST of the Game THE GURU is dry humor host who seeks to impart wisdom and expose the nuances of on-line fraud.  The Guru also encourages players to have dialogs and get to know one another through the game's mechanisms.


The Eco System and NFTs - Trade, Collectables and Privacy

The Eco System has a number of nuances.  The easiest are in game collectable Zodiac Coins.  These are produced by the system in a perpetual manner and can be used for in-game trades for Karma Tokens and will be tradable in game with players and Ambassadors. The design of the Zodiac coin is not crypto but a reward and points mechanism.  KARMA TOKEN or other PERKS would be a REWARD and Rewards will be voted on.  Zodiac Coins trade value varies and values are affected by SUPER VOTE which is a function of Ambassadors with RANK of SUPER AMBASSADOR and above.  Karma Tokens have a fixed value based on the USD.  A 1 life Token is $1.99, a 3 life Token is $3.99, a 6 life Token is $6.99 and a 9 life Token is $9.99.  The Token will give you the assigned amount of lives which have a shelf life of upto 30 days but adding tokens within the 25-30 days will give the player an additional 30 days without having to remake their Avatar.  If the player chooses to self terminate they can make a new Avatar at anytime.  Avatars can also be terminated by other players who "Zap" you but it must be 3 unique players in the case of a 3 life Token that would terminate the Avatar.

NFTs are created in 2 distinct ways. 

The first is the HISTORICAL Journey of the game through images, sound and inter-reality media.  Our GALLERY is an IMMERSIVE "Temple of Astrology" with enough visual space to have almost 5000 exhibits while experiencing weightlessness and dream like experience with phenomenal MUSIC produced by Anthony Flammia, Exec Music Producer and Rene Reyes, Founder of Karma the Game of Destiny.  (More on Music below.)

The second is when the Avatar has expired and we combine the memories of the 1 to N months the Avatar/Profile was maintained.  Whether the Profile was self terminated or ZAPPED off of THE GRID by other PLAYERS the 25-30 worth of memories and attached to each KARMA TOKEN that was used to post the the AVATAR on THE GRID of the DESTINY "Classifieds and Listings" section of the Inter-Reality Digital Magazine/METAVERSE MATRIX.  The MORTAL AVATAR/PROFILE becomes a DIGITAL COMIC NFT that will be tradable, destroyable or sellable within scope of the game and its accepting affiliates.  The NFT will be a series of media within a bound cover in digital space with a key to unfold it into 30 Square Wide by 1 Square High with a collage. Dispersal of the NFT will take a minimum of 60 days after termination. Data will be run against algorithms looking for illegal activity, any indication of human trafficking, money laundering and high level fraud.  As these are all against the rules of the game, the consequence is that the information is delivered to local authorities for decryption.  Karma the Game of Destiny, Inc is not an open public forum but corporate business structured to provide an optimum human behavior experience.  Use to the detriment of it users is unacceptable behavior within the scope of a studio or stage setting.  There is a PLAY being ACTED, CURATED, MODERATED and PRODUCED by the GAME and aligned with the MISSION.  Opt-Ins will be minted on the blockchain.  Player Avatars Lives are minted monthly to return to the Player as NFT 30 Days "Life in the Game" Comic books.

This does not mean that the Zodiac Coin or the Karma Token will not be Crypto.  That may inevitably be the status because the data will still be validated and stored in the BLOCKCHAIN as CONTRACT.  More than likely we will use an ETH 2 or POLYGON for the data.

Up until now the backend had been MySQL with PHP but in order to be fully mature the platform it needs to be integrated and public.

Since all of the building blocks are in place and all the functions defined we anticipate a 2022 release of the entire platform and it being completely integrated with blockchain economics.




The Soundtrack - Cream on the Cake

The CINEMATIC nature of the platform is of great pride to the Founder and TEAM.  Produced and Composed by Anthon Flammia and Directed by Rene Reyes, the soundtrack is a measure of the excellence and passion that was put into this project from it's inception.  The feelings that correspond to the scenes and screens of the game both in Mobile and VR use are not only available through the apps but also available through all streaming platforms.  As of the writing of this white paper the Soundtrack has been listened to in many places around the world enough so that it has started to generate a trickle of income which is worth celebrating because the game and the worlds are still in the investment stage and aren't expected to be income generating until 2022.

The Branches - A Media Network and Exclusive Content Built-In

In addition to the group of Karma the Game - "Places", the different Media divisions have the Preface Karma the Game for example Karma the Game - Music is a DBA for the management of music content distribution and Karma the Game - Animations will be responsible for the episodic adventures of The Guru and the Sudo AI Team with Lucy, Alter and the 13 Disciples.  

The Plan - Mobile and the Metaverse

We started the journey by developing Karma the Game of Destiny.  We knew it would be the most complex mechanism of the platform.  While building Destiny we began building the 3D worlds behind the Avatars. We have built all of the worlds on our list and are now fine tuning the VR experience before splitting off the apps that will all you to roam around in them without VR but in 3D on mobile devices.  There are excerpts on our YouTube showing both the 3D (3rd Person) run through and the VR Immersion.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDUR86jwWdVxy60ekybbCiQ/playlists

Release of the Full Platform will happen sometime in 2022.  There will be some releases of parts that will happen sooner for testing and early adoption.  Karma the Game - Destiny was released on the AppStore on Oct 13 2021 and on the PlayStore in September 0f 2021.  Unfortunately, we experienced the single biggest setback in the development of the Platform on November 22 when our server hosting company completely deleted our entire backend. This has led to a very drastic PIVOT for our team and we are going to fast track our plan to put the backend onto the blockchain and focus immediately on the release of our "Metaverse" VR products within the next 2 months.

The Gorilla in the Jungle - A Marketing Plan

Along with "traditional" methods of "digital" advertising we will employ IG and Youtube, Twitter and Discord, and Linkedin to some degree.  Facebook is Meta and a MAINSTREAM platform that will certainly realize Metaverse status.  KGD is more counter culture and alternative.  It is part of Brand Experience and thus not really a platform that has worked for us in the past.

In addition to those "traditional" methods employed.  KGD has and will enter into partnerships with the makers of alcoholic beverages and the cannabis industry for events and venues. We will bring the game to the streets in a proactive as well as an in-game (outings) way.  Through our partnerships KGD will "buy a round" at a venue to have patrons of the venue space scan a QR to download the game to their devices.




Our Mission

Our focus as a company is the joyous celebration of life and social commerce.  Making friends and going out and participating in the foods, beverages and recreational endeavors of humanity.  We mean to be as entertaining as we are utility from going out with friends to getting home safe in an Uber.  Our platform is an inter-reality futuristic sci-fi digital interface and our expression is the reflection of the digital age adult making their way through the Game.