Thank you for you purchase of Tokens for Karma the Game of Destiny

Karma the Game of Destiny Tokens are for entry into the game and exit-ing to affiliate worlds that you may wander into.  Karma the Game of Destiny is a platform and digital world.  It is the next generation of immersion.  Your profile may die a 100 times but your email identifier keeps the tokens in your wallet within the game.  Karma Tokens do not exchange with any other for the time being.    You may play the game and leave the game for extended periods and you will still own your tokens.

Karma the Game of Destiny is an AlquimiSoft Media & Entertaibnment, Inc Product.  All Right Reserved.  (C) 2014-2019

The world's first truly immersive game for adults to meet and socialize in both the Digital and Real worlds.  A social and Eco platform that takes the Internet to a whole new level.


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