A Year to Get Here


Last year I sat in front of my whiteboard.  I looked at the white space before me and knew that I was about to draw from a blank space something new. It was time.  Karma came first as an idea for an algorithm.  My Alquimi solution for Online Dating.  I had been analizing the space for 5 years and them some.  A bunch of ideas but they were all just another variation on the theme of dating sites.


I had been determined to understand all of the flaws of the industry and come up with something different.  More Fun.  More Safe.  More Fun...


Values... Compatibility... Intimate Preferences...  These are the areas that mean something to us for successful relationships however long those relationship last.  Short. Long. Frienship. Business.  Love.  These are the common denominators. But life is more than just these 3.


Life is an adventure.  We love looks too... but more than that we often see a projection.  They way we dress.  The color of our hair...  Sometimes we don't exactly look like what we feel about ourselves and sometime who we are on the inside is much more beautiful than what you see on the outside.  We all want to be HAPPY... ;)  And true wealth is the people we know not the money we have.


As a society we have been playing Monopoly.  Its an important game.  We need to know the cost and be able to build a great socity.  A civilized but also a loving socity.  What better canvas than Dating and relationships to make a new interactive, "kinda" board game, kinda Reality Show, kinda Gameshow, Adventure where what you win are your Soulmates.


Could it be Fun? Amazing... Powerful and a New kinda Monopoly where we play to win a different happiness now matter what that happiness is to you through the people who want to share the experience of the Jouneybook while they remain anonymous.  Building trust, excitment and even policing each other with the coolest API (Programming Bridges between different software) a bridge between the minds of people and the Game itself.  The players can leave and remove themselves from the game anytime.  Because unlike the "Subsciption Model" of dating sites that keep your information even after you discontinue your service, this is a game...


I am so excited to see how people play, who they chose where they go and what they ultimately make of this game.


We start our Kickstarter Campaign in September.  When you're all back from vacation and ready to immerse yourselves in work, fall fun and finding new love, frienship and adventure.


I'm really hoping we can find 50 to 100 thousand New Yorkers to start playing as our Beta Testers. 





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