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Goddess seeking simple kisses

What does Yelp say about BDSM in NYC?

Find great places to play with Yelp!

"In the Real"

What does  BDSM Mean

This sounds really fascinating....

"In the Digital"


OMG! We think you're gonna want to PLAY in this Digital Reality

In the Zone for being on your couch immersed in a virtual land of LUST.

"In the Digital"


Camasutra VR

This is going to be loads of fun from apps to VR immersion.  Check them out.

The best BDSM dungeons in Los Angeles

The words "dungeon" or "BDSM" can conjure pretty intimidating images if you're new to the scene or aren't familiar with the lingo, but that doesn’t have to be the case. 

Paris Sex Clubs: They’re Everywhere

If sex is on your mind and you’re feeling experimental, France is undoubtedly the place to go if you’re a swinger. And swinging takes on many different forms and positions.

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