There is still so much more to do.  But that does not negate that our long awaited game is now available on the App Stores.  Karma the Game of Destiny can now be played in almost any part of the world.  

We have named Anthony "Ace" Quezada as our Director of G...


It's been so long since I started this... feels that way anyway. First put the brain map on a white board in May 2013 and we're still not there yet.  BUT CLOSE!!! 3 months if I'm lucky.  Still need to raise that last leg up to get to launch but the app design and Unity...


AlquimiSoft and Karma the Game of Destiny welcome our newest team member Tim Zhou.  Tim is a young man with great ambition and rest assured you'll be hearing about him in the years to come. 


At only 19 Tim has helped us take great strides to getting Karma to the n...



1 July 2014 Last updated at 16:09 BST


The stereotype of a computer gamer is of a single man playing alone in his bedroom or basement.

But the reality is that women also play - and get obsessed with - massive multi-pl...


Whether you want to date based on Values, or make friends for Compatible things to do, meetup to explore your Intimate Preferences Karma is the Game for you....


Last year I sat in front of my whiteboard.  I looked at the white space before me and knew that I was about to draw from a blank space something new. It was time.  Karma came first as an idea for an algorithm.  My Alquimi solution for Online Dating.  I had been analizi...


Same old apps...Facebook has rejected advertising by Karma. Why do they think you should be satisfied with the same old apps and keeping you from seeing and experiencing something truly new and fun?


If Facebook welcomes small buisness, and start-up companies

why are the...



Rene asks the question, "What if I told you...?"




Indie Music at the park with teammates and friends, Bo and Rosa.  We had a lot of fun.


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